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Charlyn June Fadchal-Awing

My Mommy-ble Mission

“To provide passion-filled writing and coaching services to my busy clients in order to for them to stand out, earn more, save for the future, and achieve their vision..”

My Mommy-ble Business

freelance writing coach

Website Copywriter

A Top Rated Freelance Copywriter at Upwork. I am a purpose-driven “business partner” who aims to provide best value while establishing good relationship with my clients.


Mommy Blogger

Discovering and sharing valuable information in the freelance writing and work from home industry has been my passion since I experienced how it changed my life as a mom.

writing coach and copywriter

Freelance Writing Coach

I conduct online and offline training about content writing and copywriting. I am a freelance writing coach who is also a friend and an accountability partner you can count on.

We're a perfect fit if you are:

  • a health coach or entrepreneur whose plate is already full and looking for a trusted website copywriter who is as passionate as you in accomplishing your mission
  • a business owner who wants to scale up his/her business and ready to take content marketing through website copywriting seriously
  • struggling with finding a freelance copywriter who cares about your audience and understands their needs and wants
  • looking for a writing geek who can tell stories and talk to your audience the way you sound

Let me guess...

You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who seriously aims to help your target market achieve the results they want. You may have experienced something in the past that has become your “light-bulb” moment and which made you choose this path where you’re already at.

Are you a health practitioner, advocate, coach, or author who wants to help change the world by providing information or remedies that are all-natural and non-surgical?

I grew up with a “gentle mom”. I say so because she’s a mother who chooses to try all-natural remedies first before buying over-the-counter medicines. I have a younger sister who was supposed to undergo surgery when she was still less than a year old. Because my mom was so scared of what may happen after the surgery, she chose to follow her instinct (moms’ instinct). The surgery did not commence and today, my sister is already 20 years old and just had a baby as of this writing.

This and many more stories continue to amaze me as a writer. 

This 2020, I want to focus on helping entrepreneurs and business owners who are into all-natural healing and remedies. I also believe that health is wealth and that it should be prioritized over anything else.

I had been stress-eating, lacking sleep and exercise, and living an unhealthy lifestyle in the past and now that I have experienced constant back and neck pain, I wouldn’t want anybody to feel it too. I find myself jumping into conversations whenever the topic is about self-care and health. I would readily share my experience and remind the conversation starter to take care of him/herself. Whenever I do, I feel fulfilled.

You, a natural healing expert PLUS! me, a writing geek who is highly interested to learn and share more about this topic EQUALS a perfect HEAL team! How does it sound?

My Story

Since you wanna know more about me, I’m going to share A BIT OF MY STORY.


I had been writing since grade school. I used to write short stories on a notebook and lent them to my classmates for a fee, and oh, to my friends for free (of course)!

I was an editorial staff in my high school newspaper when I was twelve years old and continuously competed in press conferences. Eventually, I graduated as the Budding Journalist of the Year and you know what? I felt more victorious than our class valedictorian who took home a bunch of medals, :D!

College gave me another opportunity to write through our school paper and yes, I was again awarded as Writer of the Year when I graduated.

In 2012, I started sharing my frustrations and just about anything under the sun through blogging sites such as WordPress and Hubpages. I also wrote for our local magazine and other local newspapers.

Sounds boring? Maybe to some but for me, it is my life. In fact, I am currently authoring a book called “Break Free” which will be given out for free to victims of Violence Against Women (VAW) here in the Philippines. I am a VAW survivor and aside from the abovementioned, my personal mission is to help as many victims of violence as I can through my God-given gift – writing!

I JUST LOVE TO WRITE. When I’m sad, angry, and frustrated, I write. When I’m happy and blessed, I write. Maybe, even if I’m asleep, I still write! Huh? Nah, I’m just kidding!


Why MOTHER ANT? Well, I had been thinking and deciding about a unique brand name for days.
One night, “Mother Ant” came to life meaning, “a proud and highly motivated mom who always wake up with full energy to help my husband earn a living in my own ways so that we can save for the rainy days.”

Did that sound like you too?

Ants may just be tiny creatures here on Earth, but they are known for their hard working personality. They work every day just to SAVE something for the rainy season.

Do you want to work with Mother Ant?

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