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Blogging for Artists | Create your Own Blog to Market Your Skills

`I always believe that every artist has a story to tell. In this digital age, every artist can now create their own blog even if you are not a web developer or an expert writer. Blogging for artists helps in many ways. If you are a musician, a painter, or anybody with a passion for arts you need to learn how to market yourself online in order to get more clients.

If you wish to become famous in your chosen industry, you should build a community through blogging which is the trend in digital marketing today. You don’t need to be the best in your field to pursue blogging as an artist. How can you benefit from blogging anyway?

blogging for artists

It Helps You Connect With Your Audience

Use the power of the internet to connect with your audience and followers so you can grow your network. It may take a lot of time and requires consistency in blogging but it pays well in the long run. Yes, becoming a famous artist will not happen overnight but you will never get there when you will not ever try.

As an artist, if you blog, you can meet people on the same wavelength as you are. You can establish collaboration with more successful artists as you learn helpful techniques from them.

Share your expertise

By setting up a blog, your followers can have one place to go to when they want to hear from you. In your blog, you can share your knowledge and personal insights about your profession. You can gain the trust of your followers by doing so because they will learn from you, relate to your stories, and will feel important because you are communicating with them through your blog. In the end, they will be talking about you to their friends, share your posts, and you will gain more followers and clients.

Blogging for Artists Helps Attract New Opportunities

As you develop your skills as an artist, you can also develop your writing skills. As an artist who can write, you can author your own book and get more famous. Clients will start calling you for new projects and you will be invited to speak in big events relevant to your profession as an artist.

Here are some of the artists who are blogging to get more famous and be more competitive.

Top 20 Artist who Creatively Blog

1. Amy Ng


She is an illustrator and a creative entrepreneur who started her career in 2008. She taught and immersed herself about illustration and she is now an online teacher teaching about this stuff in Pikaland.

2. Lisa Congdon

eccentric artist

Known as a vibrant and eccentric artist, an illustrator, and author of seven books about how to refine the artist in you. She also gives talks on different engaging topics such as Illustration and entrepreneurship.

3. Lucy Chen

oil painter blogger

An inspiring oil painter who has discovered herself when she has undergone a state of depression. Since then, she has connected to the world and to herself deeper through her artwork. I find her art very expressive, breath-taking and jaw-dropping. She now has founded an online shop and tutorial for her art.



4. Amanda Palmer


This award-winning and talented American songwriter, lead vocalist, pianist and lyricist of the duo The Dresden Dolls grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Palmer practices meditation and wrote an article titled “Melody vs. Meditation” for the Buddhist publication Shambhala Sun, that described the struggle between songwriting and being able to clear the mind to meditate.

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5. Cari Cole

vocal coach

A Celebrity Vocal Coach and New Music Business Mentor & CEO/Founder of Cari Cole Voice & Music. She helps aspiring musician and artists level up their career and find their own brand in the industry that is why she is one of the most sought vocal coaches in the industry today.


6. Joy Ike

musician blogger

A person who has a passion for music, marketing and assisting people. Her website Grassrootsy has a lot of insights to help unconventional artists discover how to launch, advance, and sustain their careers.


7. Praverb The Wyse

hiphop artist blogger

A writer and Hip-hop artist who has documented his journey to the music industry to help young artist like him in their career. He started blogging in 2008 which contains an in-depth view of his music style because this artist has also an MBA in Psychology and now he also plans to do Videoblogging.

 8. Eliot Rausch


A highly skilled Director and owner of Stink Films. Eliot’s top-notch creativity and high production standards are only part of the reasons why he is now regarded as one of the prominent filmmakers in the industry today.

9. Barry Kerollis

barry kerollisHe is a choreographer and dance educator on ballet and contemporary dance based in New York. You can check out his blog A life of a Freelance Dancer where he recounts his day to day life as a dancer. He has been distinguished by Dance/USA as an influencer in social media and Dance Magazine has acknowledged him as “an artist using unique media to break the fourth wall with audiences” for his media work.

10. CJ Lyons

doctor blogger

Formerly an ER pediatric doctor turned award-winning, critically acclaimed best-selling author by the

New York Times and USA Today. A story-teller by heart, she concludes that through writing she can change lives.

11. Joanna Penn

thriller author

Nominated as a bestselling thriller author and successful an entrepreneur based in England. She has penned 27 novels that marketed 500,000 copies around the world. Her vision of having her own book has led her to put up her website The Creative Penn in 2008 and everything is history.

12. Maria Killam

Interior designerAn Interior designer whose blog has helped her to gain students when she launched Specify Colour with Confidence workshop in 2010. She stated on her website that her passion in life is to transform the way you see color through her classic and timeless aesthetic.

13. Joe McNally

national geographic photographer

National Geographic gifted photographer, blogs about decades of inspiration and experience. Surely you will be captivated with his photos that is why he was recognized as the “Top 5 Most Socially Influential Photographers” by Eye-Fi and one of the “Top 20 Influential Photographers” by

14. Samantha Hahn

creative director

Creative director, author, and illustrator based in Brooklyn. Her website Maquette tells everything about her valuable artwork which was exhibited internationally from New York to Hongkong and highlighted in various design art magazine.

15. Jasmine Star

world famous in photography blogging

A high-profile photographer and a world-class marketer. She was voted as Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, and her work was published in diverse magazines which open up a wide range of business opportunities for her.

16. Karen Walrond

photography blogger

Passionate photographer, writer, coach, speaker, and a tireless traveler. She wants to share her light by sharing what she does on her website

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17. Shannon Okey


Experienced crafter and a columnist of Knit Today magazines. She has a lot of business ventures including the Stitch Cleaveland and Knitgrrl Studio which she owns.

18. Tilly Walnes

dressmaker blogger

DIY Dressmaker who created her blog to connect with promising designers and sewers like her. She has trained herself over the years to achieve what she is now.

Her first published book for neophyte dressmakers, Love at First Stitch, was a Sunday Times bestseller, won ‘Best Book’ in the British Sewing Awards 2014, and has been printed in nine languages. Just recently she published Stretch! Make Yourself Comfortable Sewing with Knit Fabrics.

19. Tina Roth Eisenberg

viral designer

A Viral Designer a.k.a. Swissmiss. Grew up in Switzerland, studied in Geneva, Munich and started her career in New York. Her blog has gained 1 million unique visitors every month.

20. Josh Spear

artist blogger

A digital entrepreneur and investor who is committed to making the world a better place through his work. He is also a global speaker on World Economic Forum in Davos from 2008 to 2012. Nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2009.



Wow! So were you inspired by these awesome artists? What are you waiting for? Start your blog now and grow your network while you level up your career?

Charlyn June

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