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Launch a Freelance Writing Business that will allow you to earn $20 to $200 per article on topics that you LOVE!

  • This program allows you to finally monetize your passion for writing and help your clients to help more people with their products or services.

  • It will also help you to gain CLARITY and FOCUS on your niche as a Freelance Writer so that you will stop wasting time, money, and energy on things that are not helping you achieve your goals.

  • Finally, you will  learn effective strategies and skills to thrive in your business so you can start closing clients with confidence.

  • It is a Road to Success Program designed for BUSY moms, ESL Tutors, and corporate employees like you who are looking to start an income opportunity that doesn’t require you to work for long hours to earn more.

Allow me to share these messages:

Maniniwala ka ba kung sasabihin kong silang lahat ay wala pang prior experience sa freelance writing when they joined the program?

They just love the idea of writing for topics that they like!

Maniniwala ka din ba kung sasabihin kong busy moms din sila at ang isa sa kanila ay Social Worker pa na laging nag-oovertime sa trabaho kung kinakailangan?

They’re just determined to achieve their goals and if you are as determined, I believe you can do it too!

Hi, I am Charlyn June also known as Mother Ant.

Becoming a writer was a childhood dream and I can’t believe that I finally achieved it just by starting as a part-time gig while I was busy working in the government and being a mom to my two daughters (now 3).

Dati, isang buwan kong pinagtatrabahuan ang 10,000 pesos, ngayon, sa isa o dalawang article lang na isinulat ko ng less than 5 hours, kaya kong kitain ito.

And because of this privilege to earn enough, I also managed to write a book for a cause since I have extra time to do it..

STILL without sacrificing time for my family..

But I did NOT feel victorious right off the bat.

One Saturday, out of my NEED to earn extra, I went to an internet cafe and started applying to freelance writing jobs. I sent not just 1 but more than 10 applications and I did that every Saturday or Holiday.

One time, someone replied, and said I was hired! 

Of course, I was so happy and surprised, I stood up covering my mouth not to scream and almost turned down the plastic monoblock chair I was sitting on inside my suki’s internet cafe.

After working on and submitting his articles, I realized

…I was SCAMMED! He ghosted me and never responded to my messages.

The number one reason this happened was, I didn’t ACTUALLY know what I was doing. Next, I had no clear purpose as to why I am doing this – I just needed an extra income, that’s it!

Aside from being scammed, I also experienced other struggles such as several rejections, very weak internet connection, lack of time, and getting low-paying clients.

Rejections, getting scammed, and getting low-paying clients made me even doubt my abilities.

If you are in any of these situation right now, please know that I understand exactly how you are feeling…

I would love to help you!

'Beginner/Newbie' ka din ba?

"My major problem was I didn't know where or how to start Freelance writing. Now, there is more clarity to achieve my goal in Freelance writing. Before, I wanted to do a lot of things but this course helped me summarize and pinpoint my strengths and weakness. Overall, the time was well spent. The videos are informative and the activities help a lot by breaking down one's strength in writing and makes you realize where you should focus on. Mother Ant's video was engaging from start to finish. I made sure that the environment was less distracting so that I won't miss any important advice. She's also inspiring and encouraging especially to newbies that want to pursue a freelancing writing career."
Sales Funnel Copywriter


  • one day, you wake up happy and excited to work on your freelance writing business, writing about the topics that you love, and helping your dream clients?

  • one day, you can feel fulfillment because you are able to provide to your family financially as well as have more time to share stories with them, cook healthy food for them, and travel to your dream destinations without worrying too much about your boss’ approval?

  • one day, you are able to support your advocacies, write your own book, and do a self-care whenever you want?

You can achieve these goals one at a time and let's start it inside the FWSG-Secret Society.

  • Discover secrets on how you can start getting freelance writing clients today with what you already have 
  • From there, I will teach you strategies and skills to enhance your unique gift in writing so that you can attract your dream writing clients.
  • Learn proven strategies on how to start a freelance writing side gig even if you are BUSY.
  • Learn from other mentors through the Expert Interview Series and fellow writers who are as passionate and determined as you and believes in your capability!

Here's how I helped fellow writers win their first writing clients...

Create TIME and Energy

It may sound impossible to create Time and Energy if your plate is already full at the moment, right? But you can actually do this so you can achieve bigger chunks of results rather than tidbits of several things. And, how about if you are able to spot distractions that don’t contribute to your success? Isn’t that amazing?


Do you find it hard to say goodbye to OLD habits and beliefs? or Are you doubting your actions and capabilities? Believe that your purpose is stronger than any fear that you will encounter along your journey. Do this so you feel freedom in taking action on necessary tasks so that you can still see progress and feel motivated even if you don’t feel so.

THRIVE with your Niche as a Freelance Writer

Is it hard to attract the ideal market that you want to serve? Are you even clear of who you want to serve and what you can offer? Get clarity on your specific market and offer so that you know what to focus on in terms of growth. Not only that, you’ll save even more time and energy by not using it to clients who don’t actually need your service.


You don’t have an experience? Make one. Simple. Once you do this using the strategies and ways that I will share with you, you’ll definitely boost your confidence even more and start winning clients even before you notice it.


Feel even more confident and fueled with skills that will help you help your clients even more! Why? You’ll want to leave a good impression because you don’t know what else is in store for you!

You might be asking "Is this really for me?"

It is FOR YOU if…

  • You want to monetize your passion for writing because you want to be the change in this belief “Walang pera sa pagsusulat.”

  • YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS because you don’t want to be on your desk working long hours every single day just to earn more but sacrificing precious time with your family or kids.

  • YOU ARE WILLING TO COMMIT AT LEAST ONE HOUR A DAY TO LEARN AND TAKE ACTION because you know you can only win your freelance writing client if you do something consistently

  • You have tried strategies in the past to start a freelance writing side gig but still can’t close a $100 or $200 dollar per article project

It is NOT FOR YOU if…

  • You are like the hare (kuneho) who only wants to get to the finish line first without doing the necessary steps – in short, if you are looking for a QUICK way to earn an INSTANT 6-figure a month, this ain’t for you

  • You already KNOW what SPECIFIC actions to take

  • You are NOT willing to set aside time to CHANGE what you had been doing in the past even if you know that you’ll be in the same situation after 5 years because of it.

  • You EASILY give up and don’t want to study what went wrong in your business.

  • You are already FULFILLED with your current state.

More from other Mentees:

"Awesome experience, I feel really blessed because I got what I was expecting. The mentor is very generous, kind, and understanding. Now, I am confident that I can create great content and copy. I gained copywriting knowledge that I don't have before. Before, I felt like an empty shell on the field, but now I feel loaded with confidence and clarity with my chosen niche.”
Social Media Copywriter
"Thanks sis ha, nagkaclient na din ako! Inayos ko yung profile and portfolio ko based sa suggestions mo. 3 ang nag-respond pero 1 lang muna inaccept ko kasi may class pa tayo."
Content Writer

"Okay, I'm convinced, so Mother Ant, how much does this cost?"

Basic Plan

Actual Value: P20,000.00

Pay only: P4,995.00

  • Lifetime access to all the abovementioned promises
  • 30-minute exclusive 1-on-1 call with your mentor
  • Guarantee that if you take action using the strategies shared in the course, you’ll win your first freelance writing side gig

Best Bundle for Freelance Writers

Actual Value: P90,000.00

Pay only: P6,995.00

  • Lifetime access to all the abovementioned promises
  • 30-minute exclusive 1-on-1 call with your mentor
  • Guarantee that if you take action using the strategies shared in the course, you’ll win your first freelance writing side gig
  • 1 Year Access to The Writers’ Nook Ph (a digital co-working space for writers, the writer’s library, accountability group, and mentors)

You'll be welcomed inside The Writers' Nook Ph on or before June 12,2023
You'll get access to the FWSG: Road to Success Program Online Course in the next 24 hours once your payment is validated.

Be my next success story!

"It has been a great experience to be part of the training. Each lesson discusses the essential points to become an efficient and reliable writer. Mother Ant was very helpful and answered all the questions and eased all the hesitations. I love how she motivates her trainees. This training wakes the sleeping writer in me. Thank you, Mother Ant."
Social Media Content Writer
"I feel more confident! You helped me believe more in myself, my abilities, and my dream/vision. You helped me really narrow down my niche and services. I feel better in being firm with what I really want. I am more equipped in moving forward toward my goals."
Content Writer
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