How to Nail Your Niche as a Freelance Writer —

and Become a Client Magnet for Fun and Super Rewarding Writing Projects!

In this masterclass, you will learn how an abuse survivor and non-college graduate mom of 4 turned her life around, became a book author and top-rated freelance writer on Upwork.

No matter where you are on your success path as a freelance writer, YOU CAN start attract the clients you want to work with.


"Right now, I have a client on the same niche that I chose to pursue and they are happy with my style of writing. I noticed that it becomes easier now for me to write and I learned to appreciate my work."

One more bit from a recent mentee:

"I feel more confident! You helped me believe more in myself, my abilities, and my dream/vision. You helped me really narrow down my niche and services. I feel better in being firm with what I really want. I am more equipped in moving forward toward my goals."

Hello there,

You’ve probably heard successful entrepreneurs & writers say the riches are in the niches… or specialization is the name of the game!

But how EXACTLY do you go from a generalist to an elite specialist?


Well, many have talked about how to do it right.


But in this masterclass, I decided to show you the FULL RECIPE.


If it’s your first time cooking a dish, you’d want a recipe that’s already proven and tested by many.


That’s what you’ll get – a recipe that turned my life around from a “hungry” freelance writer to someone who’s constantly receiving invitations to interview even when I’m offline and/or didn’t apply to a job post.

OH HEY, before I got to this part of my career, I was chasing clients here and there, begging them to hire me.


I accepted any gig that came my way as if it will vanish if I didn’t.


But you know what? I can tell you now, that was not the smartest way to do it. 


NO. 1: You either get paid so little for a LOT OF WORK or ultimately ghosted after the project is done.


NO. 2: I love writing, but writing about different topics each time can be a bit overwhelming, and in my experience, the least productive.


You see, when you already know more about a topic, you work with more efficiency and clients trust you.


And when you provide excellent quality each time, the clients will refer you to friends!


So in this masterclass, you’ll discover a system that you can use again and again, so you can continuously attract the clients you want to work with.


In less than 2 hours, you will learn How to Nail Your Niche as a Freelance Writer and successfully advance your career as a freelance writer.

Here, I will prove to you that you can choose a niche, make it work for you, – in no time, you will enjoy a more fun and luxurious writing career.

I’m Charlyn June Awing a.k.a “Mother Ant” to the writers I mentor in my group, which is, by the way, an amazing community of freelance writers. I’m a website conversion copywriter and a freelance writing mentor. 


I also authored the book, Break Free: How to Let Go and Move on From An Abusive Relationship which aims to help women feel supported and recover from abuse.

make money writing at home

These days, I spend more of my time with my newborn and kids while still working with amazing clients.

But, just like you, when I was just starting, I didn’t know where or how to begin. I didn’t know what to specialize in. I don’t know what skills to equip myself with.

There were too many choices… so what I ended up having was “decision fatigue” or overwhelm.

What else? I came to a point where I questioned my capabilities because I’ve met clients who don’t value my worth.

Ahh! I know, it’s all part of the process. Every business or profession has ups and downs, right?

So if by any chance you’re at this stage, do know you’re not alone.

It’s tiring, I understand and at some point, I admit I got fed up with that situation.

So, what did I do?

The exact same steps is shared with you exclusively in this webinar. 


A strategy I have been using even when I was still looking for work in the corporate world.


Yes, it got me hired – for two projects in two different offices.


I kept polishing until it worked multiple times in my freelance writing journey too!


It was so easy to duplicate that it also got me invited to speak on webinars for writers and freelancers.


And you guessed it right, it has helped several aspiring writers in their journey too!


Well, obviously, I didn’t niche down right away, but when I did, my growth as a writer has been consistently escalating.


In 2019, I met my unicorn client who noticed my passion to learn and master my craft and gifted me with $40k worth of copywriting courses (apart from paying me to help him rebrand his website copy and design) 


Through him, I met his amazing network — some of whom I converted as clients too!


Needless to say, I can’t keep all the blessings to myself so I started giving back to the community.. I taught (informally) everything I know to writers and this is what they said:

Now it’s your turn to take your next step – pick your writing niche for clarity, focus, and speedy growth.

“Our research shows that compared with their peers, high performers have more clarity on who they are, what they want, how to get it, and what they find meaningful and fulfilling. We’ve found that if you can increase someone’s clarity you up their overall high performance score.”

Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits

High performers have this one common habit. They seek clarity.


YES, they SEEK for it!


So then when they find it and stay on their true path – that makes them better at sifting out “shiny objects” or distractions because they constantly refocus on what is important.


The same thing goes with writers who become exceptionally excellent at their work; they constantly seek clarity.


The trap many new writers fall into:

1. Not niching down because they are scared that no one will hire them. And they believe that it will bring them fewer opportunities.

2. THINKING they have a niche and a well defined target audience when they really don’t.


Stay away from these traps!


When you pick a writing niche, this makes it very easy for people to see you and think “wow, this is exactly the writer I WANT for my business!” 


The recipe I’m going to reveal will help you solidify your foundation while avoiding being strapped in confusion.


You must have been told countless times, Pick an industry or niche, and master it.


And you were left with one burning question, “How?”


This is a huge prerequisite that’s not emphasized enough, knowing how to do it properly.

Discover the right tools to progress to your desired success – pick your writing niche in the shortest time possible!


If you’re already tired of the generic advice, we will go very specific here.


There are two strong reasons why I made the decision to create this masterclass. 


First, this will be a different experience with you because I will NOT be there to tell you what to do…instead I will guide you on what you need to do.
Second, a lot of the input will be coming from you, so your presence is very important. Why? This webinar would be nothing without you taking action. That’s why, while you have me on the other side of the Zoom world, I want you to be able to ask as many questions as you want. That’s how I could help you better!



Save time and move forward with your writing career with more intention so you don’t have to waste your time on other things that drain your precious energy.

Here’s a peek of what I have for you in the Nail your Niche Masterclass…

How to pick a niche
that will work for you

Picking a niche is not as scary as you think it would be when you do it right. It’s not a jail, instead it’s even more freeing than you could have imagined so you can get yourself out of being stuck!

How to estimate the potential worth of your niche

Learn if the niche you choose is worth it before you go in knee-deep.

How to increase your visibility as a writer and establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche

Start being in control of your writing projects, increasing your income exponentially, and having a constant flow of work.

What to do so your ideal clients can find you easily

Learn how to stand out in the crowded world wide web.

Develop your personal story pitch to explain who you are, what you do, and why you do it

You’ll never have a hard time introducing yourself. You will get an enormous focus on what you do, and people will follow you.

With Nail your Niche Masterclass –  you can optimize your branding and leverage marketing opportunities

Yes, that’s right!


Having a niche provides you an opportunity to market yourself as a freelance writer, secure high-paying writing projects, and maintain a continuous flow of excellent clients.

Have you ever been asked this classic question?


“What do you do?”


Looking back on my career as a writer, there were times when I wasn’t sure of the answers because I didn’t feel confident in the value I could offer, which, as you might imagine, didn’t do much for my growth.


How clear are you on what you want to do as a writer? What value do you offer to your clients or to the world? What’s the path you want to take?


If you can’t answer these questions right now, don’t fret! Join the webinar, and I promise you, you’ll be able to answer these questions with more confidence.


Confidence in your writing doesn’t come to you overnight, but I will show you how you can develop this on a daily basis and why picking your niche will come into importance.


This is just the beginning of transforming your writing career.

What would you feel if you woke up to messages from clients that you’d never heard of before?


Getting messages and notifications that you’re tagged on Facebook because people know you are the right person for that writing project?


If you take action today, the possibilities for you are endless!


And I couldn’t wait to see how Nail Your Niche Masterclass will transform your writing career, as it did mine and other freelance writers!


Lots of love,

Charlyn June “a.k.a Mother Ant”

P.S. I want you to stop struggling and instead make a choice that you can follow through until success. Click here to get the FREE Workbook that will definitely help you get more clarity on how to nail your niche as a writer.

I’m ready for writing projects that are fun and super rewarding.

Yes! I want to pick my writing niche by attending Nail Your Niche Masterclass.


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