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I’m Charlyn June a.k.a. Mother Ant – your purpose-driven Website Copywriter and Freelance Writing Coach who aims to help you achieve the TRANSFORMATION you have been praying for yourself and your business.


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Want FREE qualified traffic to your website?


Yeps, I said it right, "free qualified leads.."

Why qualified leads?

You need qualified leads visiting your business website to gain higher conversion rates (sales, memberships, bookings, etc.).

How can you generate free qualified leads then? 

Your website pages and blog posts need to be search engine optimized. It should also have great copy to hook your readers and continue reading until they will eventually take action.

If website copywriting and Search Engine Optimization is not your thing, don’t fret, my friend. I so love the natural health industry, thanks to my mom who taught us to love herbs, oils, and healthy foods. I am confident that I can deliver quality copy that your specific market can relate and engage with.

Continue helping more people with your offer, focus on what you do best, and let me help in delivering your message!


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I started freelance writing full-time in 2016 and I never regretted it. I was able to become a hands-on mom to my kids and being with my third daughter since day one is a blessing!

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