How to Turn Your Experience and Expertise into a Book:
The Book-Writing Framework for Beginner Authors

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Digital Co-working Space

(VALUE: Priceless)

Say goodbye to:

“What if I fail?”
“What if I’ll be judged?”
“What if I won’t be able to finish my piece?”
“What if no one will read my article?”
And say hello to a writer who writes NO MATTER WHAT because you’re on a mission to leave a good impact to your readers and you are supported by fellow writers who understand your battle.
Be part of a community with these Core Values:
  • Give more than you Take
  • Collaborate rather than Compete
  • Show up vs. Give up

The Writer's Complete Library

(VALUE: 25,000 and increases over time)

Worry no more because all you need to do is SHOW UP and take action every single day for your goal. Even if showing up means 2 minutes of your time only, IT’S OKAY!

If you don’t know what to write about, you’ll receive prompts.
If you don’t feel like writing at the moment, you’ll get inspiration.
If you don’t know how to start or improve your craft, you’ll receive recommendations.
Our daily mantra to attract overall wellness inside the group will be:
  • Ask and learn with a Growth Mindset

  • Listen and share with Compassion

If you live with these, The Writer’s Complete Library will grow every month. Based on your questions and specific needs, the mentors and co-writers will come up with evergreen resources that every member can consume anytime for as long as they’re part of the community.
The monthly resources added to the library will depend on most frequently asked questions so if I were you, make the most of it, take action, and ask specific questions (iyong wala sa Google at YouTube).

Community and Mentors

(VALUE: 50,000)

As a founding member, you’ll get access to 3 Mentors: 1 for Blogging, 1 for Freelance Writing, and 1 for Book Writing.

Enjoy unlimited opportunities to ask specific questions and get answers that will help you move one step, two steps, or three steps closer to your desired goal.

We advocate THE POWER OF ONE so as not to overwhelm you with all the information. To start with, we’ll get in a Zoom Call where each member will set one specific goal to achieve in a period of 6 weeks.

After that, you’ll be grouped accordingly and assigned to a specific mentor and accountability group. We do this to move you away from distractions and keep you focused on your own path — NOT on the journey of the other members.

After 6 weeks, we’ll evaluate our results together before we set a new goal.

P.S. Since you’re blessed enough, the mentors might schedule a weekly or monthly Zoom Call to celebrate your wins and address your current challenges.

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