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1-on-1 VIP Consultation Call on Book Writing (Valued at 2,000)

Pureza Egmalis a.k.a “Ina Lepan” inside the nook is a creative writer veteran who has published several short stories, folklore, and non-fiction pieces.

You’ll get the chance to get in an exclusive one-on-one consultation with her to brainstorm a book idea you have in mind.

1-on-1 VIP Consultation Call on E-mail Strategy (Valued at 2,000)

Wei is an email copywriter who has worked with several foreign and local clients including Mother Ant.

After your VIP Call with her, you’ll get clarity on how you can go about planning and writing an email sequence for a client’s or your own writing business.

Unlock the Power of Blogging: Your Essential Guide to Blogging Basics (Valued at 999)

Get access to this downloadable PDF that will act as your guide while you navigate through your blogging journey.

It was prepared especially for you by Mummy Chelle, a mommy blogger and freelance writer who wants to help aspiring writers like you by sharing effective strategies that can move you closer to your own goal.

Embracing your Uniqueness Workbook (Valued at 999)

Every writer is unique. And that’s how you’ll actually stand out in the industry.

Gela prepared this workbook for writers who are feeling lost in their journey. If you are wondering why people keep cutting you out of the picture, this could be perfect for you. It may even be the first best step so you can move forward in your writing journey with peace.

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