Join the First Digital Co-Working Space for Writers and Aspiring Writers in the Philippines

Feel supported in your Writing Journey while you battle your own Goliaths

After all the course hoarding, this sure is the missing piece for you to see progress in your writing journey.
WARNING! It's NOT just another COMMUNITY - and it's NOT an ONLINE COURSE!

Fast Action Birthday BONUSES disappears in

You deserve CALM and PEACE as you discover and realize your dreams and purpose as a WRITER..

Like you, I also purchased numerous courses and sought guidance from various sources, and I learned that true progress requires more than just acquiring knowledge.

It demands a supportive community, mentorship, and a space where you can flourish alongside like-minded individuals.

Kasi masakit kung ang community na kinabilangan mo ay ganito ang maririnig mo..

The Writers Nook Ph came alive because you don't deserve these kinds of messages..

Looking to achieve your writing goals but just can't do it on your own?

  • Often find yourself lost in your writing journey, iyong para kang nangangalkal ng kung ano sa loob ng drawer na hindi mo alam kung ano ang hinahanap mo?
  • Have you enrolled in a lot of writing (and non-writing related) online courses but haven’t finished any of them?
  • Want to start a blog, become a freelance writer, publish your own book, etc. and then tend to do just leave everything behind because you’re overwhelmed and exhausted BUT NOT seeing results?
Guidance and Support

Feel safe and comfortable asking questions - writing or non-writing related stuff and get genuine guidance and support.

Tools and Strategies

Access tutorials, tips, and systems tailored-fit for your needs (mostly designed and built with you). This library of tools and resources grow with you as you ask better and clearer questions.

Cheerleaders and Writing Besties

Boost your confidence and stay focused with fellow writers who might have a different journey from yours but understand your flaws and accept you fully.

"The community, albeit still quite small, is a close-knit community and everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand or nudge you with just the right amount if you're feeling stuck. Competition is nonexistent but the support is overwhelming."

Imagine a Welcoming Environment where you can just be you - without Fear of Judgment..

Come join us if these beliefs align with yours..

Core Values


Give more than you Take

You are capable of giving. You don't need to have A LOT or need to be AN EXPERT. Simply cheering up someone already means so much.


Collaborate rather than Compete

Your only competition is yourself and you only compare your journey from your past and not from other writers' present.


Show up vs. Give up

Like the tortoise, you show up even if you're afraid, uncomfortable, and uncertain if you'll win. Show up ready to fail because failing doesn't mean you're quitting.

If you believe that you CAN DO MORE but just needed an extra push, this is your community.

Testimonials and Behind the Scenes

"Dito lang ako comfortable to speak my mind"
"Dito lang ako na-receive ng ganito..."
Passion for writing re-ignited!
Helpful Systems and Workshops
Best decision ever made!
Weekly Vitality Calls
Guided Workshops
Wins! Blessings! Celebrations!
Wellness Pages (book reading and reflection)

What exactly are you going to experience inside

A Holistic Approach to
Managing a Writing Business


Connect and Collaborate, Re-ignite your love for writing and inspire others, Speak your mind, Have someone to turn to, Gain a writing buddy, Get ongoing support and mentoring, Access exclusive events and workshops, Engage with the community, Continuously learn and grow with convenience and flexibility

WEEKLY VITALITY CALLS (Valued at 25,000)

Join a very inclusive community call where you get re-fueled every single time. Gain fresh perspectives, ideas, and writing techniques, Celebrate your progress, set goals, and receive immediate support, Brainstorm solutions, Get feedback and guidance (vice versa), Get Vulnerable (No Judgments at all), Build new skills, Get a boost of confidence, and Stay updated on the latest trends in the industry


Prioritize Self-Care and Wellbeing, heal and grow as a writer and as an individual, Cultivate mindfulness, Fill your mental and spiritual cups, Build emotional resilience, Reduce that Stress!, Connect with fellow writers on a deeper, more meaningful level, Clear mental clutter, Tap in your authentic voice as a writer, Nourish your soul and find joy, peace, and fulfillment in your writing journey

THE WRITER'S LIBRARY (Valued at 25,000)

  • Affiliate Marketing 101 – How to Earn Commissions from Digital Products (and Physical Products) as an Affiliate
  • Zero to 90 Days of Content Workshop Series
  • DIY-ing your Website (using a process and Template that has been used in crafting websites such as Dan Lok’s, Lewis Howes’, Joe Polish, etc.)
  • How to Leverage AI as a writer (PLUS PROMPTS)
  • and more!


Be guided by mentors who have been there, done that. Mentors who also started from scratch, now willing to help you get through your first steps with the pure intention not to overwhelm you through the process. Whether you’re planning to start a blog, level up your freelance writing business, or publish your own book (fiction or non-fiction) — there’s a mentor waiting for you! Well, if you’re here to continue a momentum you’ve started and want to build up on what you currently have by zooming into your potential without pressure, join the Scribble Squad and just write! Journal your heart out with the guidance of someone who managed to get through her dark days through writing. 🙂

The early bird always catches the early worms..

Get these Bonuses when you join today!

disappears in..

1-on-1 VIP Consultation Call on Book Writing (Valued at 2,000)

Pureza Egmalis a.k.a “Ina Lepan” inside the nook is a creative writer veteran who has published several short stories, folklore, and non-fiction pieces.

You’ll get the chance to get in an exclusive one-on-one consultation with her to brainstorm a book idea you have in mind.

1-on-1 VIP Consultation Call on E-mail Strategy (Valued at 2,000)

Wei is an email copywriter who has worked with several foreign and local clients including Mother Ant.

After your VIP Call with her, you’ll get clarity on how you can go about planning and writing an email sequence for a client’s or your own writing business.

Unlock the Power of Blogging: Your Essential Guide to Blogging Basics (Valued at 999)

Get access to this downloadable PDF that will act as your guide while you navigate through your blogging journey.

It was prepared especially for you by Mummy Chelle, a mommy blogger and freelance writer who wants to help aspiring writers like you by sharing effective strategies that can move you closer to your own goal.

Embracing your Uniqueness Workbook (Valued at 999)

Every writer is unique. And that’s how you’ll actually stand out in the industry.

Gela prepared this workbook for writers who are feeling lost in their journey. If you are wondering why people keep cutting you out of the picture, this could be perfect for you. It may even be the first best step so you can move forward in your writing journey with peace.

disappears in..


How to Join The Writers' Nook Ph


Choose a Plan that fits you

If you're not 100% sure you want this community, PLEASE DON'T JOIN. If you are, see options below.


Send your payment

GCash, Paypal, or Bank Transfer to PNB account accepted.


Upload your receipt

Confirm your membership by sending us a proof of your payment.

Your writing besties and mentors are waiting for you.

"The Writers Nook Ph is a practical and helpful community for a shy-type writer like me 🙂 because I was able to boost (more) my confidence in reaching out to prospects and believing I can deliver a quality writing piece to my clients."

Step 1: Choose a Plan that fits you

In TOTAL, you are getting over 65,000 worth of value but will only be paying a fraction of it.


Php 495/month

30 Days access to:

  • The digital co-working space (FB Group and GC)
  • Weekly Vitality Calls
  • Wellness Pages Sessions
  • The Writer’s Library
  • Community and Mentors

Note: This is perfect for you if you really want to join but don’t have much of that budget yet.


Php 4,995 (save 945)

12 months access to:

  • The digital co-working space (FB Group and GC)
  • Weekly Vitality Calls
  • Wellness Pages Sessions
  • The Writer’s Library
  • Community and Mentors

Note: Available in 2-Payment Plan. Php 3,000 registration fee, Php 3,000 before Week 5.


Php 6,995 (save 2,995)

12 months access to:

  • The digital co-working space (FB Group and GC)
  • Weekly Vitality Calls
  • Wellness Pages Sessions
  • The Writer’s Library
  • Community and Mentors
Lifetime access to:
  • Win your first Freelance Writing Client Online Course

Note: Available in 3-Payment Plan. Php 3,000 registration fee, Php 3,000 before Week 5, Php3,000 before Week 6 ends.

Step 2: Send your payment

via GCash

Account Name: C*** J*** Awing
Account Number: 09219418358

**Please take a screenshot of your official receipt and upload it when you click on the button below

via Paypal

Account Name: Charlyn June Awing
Paypal Email:

**Please take a screenshot of your official receipt and upload it when you click on the button below

via Paypal

Bank Name: Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Account Name: Charlyn June F. Awing
Account Number: 220110100357

**Please take a screenshot of your official receipt and upload it when you click on the button below

Step 3: Upload your receipt

You’re almost there my friend!

One more step so that you’re officially registered. Click on the button below and follow the steps. Make sure you’re logged in to your Google or Gmail account.

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