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How to Earn at Home by Writing, Reading and Doing Crafts


Earn by Writing Contents

I do not know how I started to love writing. All I know is that my father loves to read and he reads a lot. He can stay at home all day reading and reading…and more reading. I do not know how to describe how massively he reads. He reads newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, flyers, etc. so our cute house once had a room for his collections of those reading materials. I was the invader. I will enter that room every time I had a chance and scan for magazines and books that will catch my interest and will have a collection of my own (good thing about that room is that his collections are not being accounted so he will not know). I do not know if who else among my siblings does that. Anyway, my point there is I love reading too and then I began to love writing as early as 10 years old (I was in grade 5 then). I wrote short stories on a notebook and lent them to my classmates. They will pay me one peso per session, yes, and I will write new stories again and again.

Enough of that introduction, I will write more about other writing experiences while we go through this article. J I just wanted to let you know that you really can earn by writing. But, how actually can we earn enough?


  1. Write for Magazines and Newspapers and News Websites

I have written for local magazines and newspapers but was all for free. I was employed with the government that time so maybe that is one of the reasons but it wasn’t an issue because I was paid in a monthly basis as an administrative assistant. Besides, the number one reason I wrote was to express my own opinion and to practice my passion in writing. My research revealed that newspaper and magazine writers are being paid at P.50 to P2.00 per word.

  1. Be an Online Freelance Writer

Some reasons why freelancers prefer working at home is that they need more time with their families especially single parents, moms and dads who need to be with their kids because no one else will do. Presently, I am working at home writing for foreign clients through an international outsourcing company offering freelance jobs to various countries in the world including the Philippines. It is really tough, at first because you need to build your profile and you need to have something unique in you to attract clients despite the millions of competitions in the market. You may earn at least $1 for a 500 word article or as high as $10 depending on the quality of your contents. Other clients will pay in an hourly basis and you could get as high as $6-$10 per hour.

  1. Blogging

They say blogging is getting more and more complicated nowadays because more and more people are getting in the world of blogging. The only secret to succeeding in this venture is thorough research and patience. You have to equip yourself with all necessary tools and knowledge in order to compete with other people doing similar niches with yours.

By blogging, you will earn through affiliate marketing, advertisements, backlinks and others. To basically have your own blog, you first have to search for free hosting networks like WordPress, Blogger, Hubpages, etc. I am recommending you do this because if you are still learning the process, it is better not to spend too much yet. Up to now, I am still using the free platforms of WordPress and Hubpages. You might want to take a look at the pages through these links:

  1. WordPress:

This blog is still too young. I installed it October last year but did not have the time to update it regularly but working on it now. Like I always said, I am still in the learning process yet and I just want to share acquired knowledge with you from time to time as I go through the journey.

  1. Hubpages:

I established this blog to study how the Google Adsense (earn by advertising) works. My application is still on process and I will update you through this post once approved. From members, I have learned that earning through this site will not give you a fortune but in time, with proper management, it can help you earn enough for your family’s basic needs.


Earn by Reading for yourself and for Other People

Except for the knowledge you can acquire by reading, you can also earn money by doing this. Yes, you will read for other people and earn money. Online outsourcing companies also seek for website researchers. You will do a website research for a certain client on a specific topic and document your research through Microsoft Office documents or Google Drive files. You can be paid for as high as $10 per hour by doing this depending on the skills and expertise needed to do a certain task. The basic knowledge to acquire web research jobs are skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) operation or Google Drive operation. You can learn operating these softwares on your own by searching for step by step tutorials online. YouTube has also a lot to offer if you want to have a visual and actual presentation of the steps.


Earn by Doing Crafts you Love

Yey! For fellow crafters reading my post, I hope you are still there. I was never awarded for being an artist or for doing crafts but I just woke up one day and found out that I love doing simple handmade crafts. I was a dressmaker major during my high school days and I thought everything just ended there. One day, when I had nowhere to go, when I had no job because my contract ended, I found myself collecting for beading tools and made my first sets of beaded jewelries. I sold it in our community for very low prices just enough to cover the labor and expenses I used in doing them. I went as far as selling my crafts from household to household in our hometown to nearby places. When I was fortunately hired again for office works, I did not stop with the business venture. I still went to sell my beaded jewelries in weekends because I had to do it. I need to earn enough for me and my two daughters. That was the first part of my business venture doing crafts.

Here are other arts and crafts ideas you can earn from:

  1. Handicrafts from Recycled Materials

When you search for topics on recycling on the web, thousands of results will be generated. You will definitely have ideas while reading from post to post. I got my idea of paper frames in one article I saw in Google. I sold these items during trade fairs but unfortunately, I did not continue producing it because I lacked time. Recycled materials are encouraged today especially because of the garbage disposal problems that the whole world is facing. After doing your recycled handicrafts, you can sell it online or find a shop selling similar products and offer your idea by bringing your sample finished products to them. There are also lots of private entities who are willing to fund these kinds of products. Make sure to read their guidelines and satisfy all their requirements before introducing your product to them. This will require you a tough beginning but as every successful entrepreneur always say, “Nobody succeeded in an instant, all else failed not only once or twice but many times.”

Contributed Photo on the Learning Hub from Ms. Iman Therese on Facebook. They are key chains out of polymer clay.
  1. Craft According to Latest Trends and Season

One thing to consider when you are really serious about starting your business doing crafts is to be updated with the latest trending crafts in the market. You can do this by regularly searching for what is new in the market and what is selling in a good price. More and more crafting ideas are already coming out and you cannot do everything in a glimpse of an eye. Seek for the most specific craft idea that you want to do and what you can do for your clients. Also, consider the expenses you will need and fit it to your budget.

Halloween and Christmas season is near. You might want to get some ideas from other crafters for arts and crafts you can sell during these seasons. Gift items and souvenirs will surely be in demand during those seasons so catch up with fellow crafters and do your unique products.

You can market your arts and crafts products on online stores like ebay, amazon, etsy and others. You can also market them for free on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through your blog if you have one.

I cannot put everything inside this article so I will be posting follow up posts to support all the items cited here. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you have learned from it to. See you on the next posts. Ask your questions in our Facebook group, Learning Hub. If you haven’t joined yet, you can go to this link:

Charlyn June