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Simplest Ways of Saving More

For the past few weeks, I had been bothered by how to pay my debts to the bank and to various individuals. As a mother of two, I always tried my best to earn more to have more to spend for our necessities especially that both are already studying.

One day, I came across this page where everyone talks about saving and investing. They usually post tips on simplest ways of saving and investing. I gathered enough gut to post my own question on the forum which goes this way, “Do you really need money in investing?” It was the most stupid question I ever asked, I know. But it turned out to be the most beneficial one for me when not a minute later, members of the group started answering my question with very valuable and educational ones. They shared some ways to save and how to invest even with less income.

After several days, I decided to go back to the forum and read more and interact with other members. It became one of my routines; to check the page and at least take note of some of their advises and recommendations especially on Simplest Ways of Saving. I have summed up these tips below which I want to share with everyone. I hope you will learn from it too.

Saving More

Have you heard about this success formula for earning?


No matter how small your income is, you should make sure to set aside at least a portion of it for your savings. Remember, the more you save, the better. How can I save when I cannot even pay my debts? This question might be keeping you away from saving so now is the time to think twice. Always allocate a portion of your income to pay your debts but, still save something.

Live a Simple Life

Do away from checking on new things and buying some if you do not need it. Make it a practice to list items on the Priority List and others on the Watch List. If you really want to buy those on the Watch List, sacrifice your personal necessities like beauty products or vices such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Not bad, isn’t it?

Are you a Facebook fan? Do you know that according to researchers, there are two sides of life in today’s era? The real life and the Facebook life. So, do not be upset when you check that your FB friends got a better life than you just because they keep on posting travel photos and the newest things they bought.

Drink more water. Bring water and simple snacks everywhere you go because it helps a lot. It does not only help you save the expense of buying bottled water or expensive and unsafe snacks but is also a healthy habit.

Think Positive

Before you decided to save, you probably have the best reasons why? Do you have goals in life? (another stupid question but ask yourselves anyway) What are they and what do you need to do to achieve them?

You probably dream of retiring in a clean and peaceful environment where you are free from the stress of debts and have enough savings to make you feel financially secure. You may even dream of traveling far and wide with your family ten years from now. So, are you ready for these? Plan ahead and think positive. Who says you can’t have it when you have the will and determination to work for it? Never mind the negative vibes around because we are all surrounded by crabs who want to pull us down instead of helping us grow up.

These are just simple tips which we may not have noticed that could help. Take note: these tips came from those people who have tried it and found it effective. There is no harm in trying like I said in my previous post. Besides, you will not spend a penny by trying these tips. You just need a strong mind and discipline. Always keep the faith. Dream.. Believe.. Survive.. 🙂

Charlyn June