Handling and Overcoming Rejections in Freelance Writing Industry

Freelance Writing Industry

Are you afraid of being rejected? Is this one of the reasons why you can’t pursue your dream business in the freelance writing industry?

Are you wondering why you can’t close a deal with your potential clients? 

While it may be difficult to deal with rejections, knowing the reasons why it happened can help you overcome it. It could also help you feel more confident about yourself because sometimes, it’s not always what you think it is.

Whether you are just a beginner in the freelance writing industry or a tenured writer, rejection will always be part of your journey. In this blog, I will share with you a simple guide in identifying reasons why you are being rejected by clients and tips on how to overcome it that may work for you.

Like mentioned earlier, I understand that dealing with rejections is never easy. This can result in lack of confidence and self-doubt. 

Like some experts say, lack of confidence could be a product of past failures or experiences. 

Please allow me to share with you three instances of rejections that you may or may have already encountered in the freelance writing industry.

3 Instances of Rejections you Might Experience

  • Not being able to close a freelance writing project

    Your potential clients reject your written article or you weren’t able to win the project that you’ve been aiming for.

  • Unpublished or Unpaid Work

    This may hit you the most. You have invested your time and effort in writing but your work was never published and worst, you were not compensated by the client. It could make you feel like your effort has been disregarded.
  • Self-Doubt

    Your past rejections have a huge impact on your current character. Even before a rejection happens, you are already doubting yourself and thinking that you or your work will be rejected.

    But did you know that your self-doubt can lead you to even more rejections? You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Whichever of these might you experience, do accept that yes, it’s a tough thing to handle with but that is okay!

Instead of blaming yourself for the rejections, you might as well assess which part of the process went wrong and find out any room for improvement.  

Are you wondering why you keep being rejected by your client? Let me share with you possible reasons that you can address to improve. 

Possible Reasons Why You are Being Rejected;

#1: Not considering the Client’s Brand Voice

Every business or client has a unique brand voice. The articles you have written may have not adhered to their brand’s identity. You must remember that you are writing on behalf of your client. Therefore, the message that you should deliver in your article is based on the client’s requirements.

To determine their brand voice, you can try visiting their website or social media accounts. Read as many articles as you can and watch as many videos available until you will get clarity about their brand. Most established businesses also have their own Market Research document where their branding details are included. Ask your client for access.

#2: Failure to Write for a Specific Target Market

Did you write your article while thinking of a specific target audience? Have you considered what these audiences would need from your client? 

The key to a successful article is providing answers to your target reader’s questions or problems. If you don’t consider this, your client could sense it and might think that you are not that really interested to help them.

#3: Asking too many questions

Don’t get me wrong, asking questions is okay and is also essential for you to be able to craft great content or copy. Go ahead and ask if you need additional information from your client that you can use for your copy.

However, there are some instances where asking too many questions especially regarding the “technical” part where your expertise becomes questionable depicts that you don’t know what you’re doing. In this situation, clients may doubt your capability to accomplish the project and achieve the results they need. 

#4: Late Submission of Articles.

Your client has deadlines, too. Once you commit to provide an article for them, you must submit it at their desired time or date. Submitting your article late may lead to a bad impression. 

While the above mentioned are true, there are also instances where you feel rejected obviously not because of your mistakes.

If you’re new to this industry, you might encounter some ‘potential’ clients that will take advantage of your work. In such cases, these are those who won’t compensate you for reasons such as they didn’t like your article or they weren’t satisfied with your work. I know, this  can be frustrating. 

If this happens to you, please don’t take it against yourself. Instead, consider it as a challenge where you can either win or lose. Either way, you always win because you are learning. Every rejection teaches us lessons that we can certainly use as we traverse to our freelancing journey.

Also, the best way to avoid these kinds of ‘potential’ clients is to do your own background research first.

Quick Tip: It’s okay to say that you are still a beginner but don’t overdo it. Even beginners or newbies deserve respect and “real clients” know this.

Why? Because the more you emphasize your weakness instead of your strengths, the more you will attract advantage takers. It’s also going to give a bad impression to “real clients.” . 

Now that you know the types of rejections and possible reasons why it could happen to you, you may ask, how will you move on from it? 

Overcoming rejection may also be as difficult as dealing with the fact that you have failed. Before you even feel bad about yourself, please know that this is normal. It’s okay to be rejected because without such,we will not be able to know where to improve in ourselves. 

If you’ve been rejected once or twice, believe that it doesn’t  lessen your individual character. More like, it uplifts your self-esteem because you already know what works and what didn’t.

How to Overcome Rejections?

If you’re thinking of giving up, please don’t. Every successful person has experienced being rejected before they reached the peak of their career.

If you really want to pursue and succeed in freelance writing industry, you can overcome this by:

  • Finding a Support System

    Having friends or family to share your low points is a great help. You can also find a community where you feel comfortable sharing your struggles and find motivation from other people.

    That is one reason why I created a freelance writing community on Facebook. I envisioned it to be an avenue for freelance writers or aspirants to share their journey, struggles and successes.

  • Practicing Daily Self Affirmation

    Everyday, practice telling yourself these mantra;

    I can do it. I am capable. I can deliver. 

    Be consistent in affirming yourself. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of great mindset. 

What could you do to your rejected articles?

  • Improve your copy by revising it.

    Read it and revamp it. Find out what may have gone wrong. You can use it as a sample copy that you can upload to your online portfolio. Use it to your advantage so that you can attract your next potential client. 

  • Submit it as a guest post to another relevant website with the same niche as yours.

    If you do this, your potential clients may reach out to you once they’ve read your article as a guest post. 

CONCLUSION: Rejections are Part of the Game in the Freelance Writing Industry

Don’t stop with your freelance writing journey just because you’ve been rejected once or many times. If you weren’t able to close the deal with a previous client, think that they are not the client that needs your help – the ideal client. 

Timing is also everything. Just focus on constantly learning about your niche and your market. Your big break will come, too. You will find a client that perfectly matches your skills and character.

I hope you’re able to find this blog helpful.

Let me just end this by sharing with you one short story of rejection that might inspire you to keep going. 

There was once a single mom who worked hard to finish writing her book. She was rejected by 12 publishers. But, she didn’t give up. One publisher accepted her book and it became a best-seller. Her name became popular to almost all generations. 

She is the one and only author of the Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling. 

Hold on to your purpose and always believe in yourself. If you really want to succeed at something, you will do everything and rejections won’t stop you in achieving that. 

Know the reasons why you were rejected, find the areas to improve on and overcome it by constantly learning and improving in your craft. 

If you want to share your writing struggles, low points or success stories, feel free to join our Freelance Writing Side Gig Community – it’s FREE. We have a wonderful community that inspires and motivates each other. 

If you need guidance in building your freelance writing online portfolio, I would be glad to help. You can email me at charlynjune@gmail.com.

Catherine Mallo