3 Major Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make that You Must Avoid

Mistakes new Freelance Writers Make

3 Major Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make that You Must Avoid

Is this you?

  • a new freelance writer, thinking that writing for other people especially clients is overwhelming. 
  • Have you ever pitched to a client only to realize you don’t know what to write and where to start?
  • Are you doubting your capability because you think that you are not proficient in English language?
  • Are you worried that your articles may be too boring or not  interesting to read? 
  • Or maybe, you are wondering if freelance writing is really for you. 

Well, if you’ve asked yourself these questions, I’m glad you’re reading this right now. 

First, let me tell you that freelance writing isn’t just about being good in English. Your “boring” articles can still be tweaked into a more exciting piece of content. 

Just don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and you can always find a way to improve. 

As a freelance writer, it is essential to know who you are writing for or who are your readers? This way, you would be able to craft an article that perfectly matches their needs. 

In this blog, I will share with you some of the mistakes new freelance writers make. There are also some tips I’ve included that could help you avoid these. I hope you learn something here that you can use to succeed in your freelance writing journey. 

Read below to see if you’re making these mistakes, too.

#1 Doubting your Capabilities

Yes, I know that this is one of the most difficult mistakes to avoid. Self doubts are so strong that it could hold you back from doing what you want to do. 

Practice ignoring that inner negative thought. Make it a habit to believe in yourself because like they say, you should be the first person to do it so that others will follow.

Let us try to rephrase your current thoughts. Feel free to do this in your notebooks too!



You are not doing enough

You did great and you can do even better

You are not proficient in English

You’re up to improve and ready to learn and practice your English

(continue dumping your negative thoughts here)

(and practice rephrasing it here)

Yes, it would be nice to be excellent in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. However, that should not stop you from becoming a good writer. Focus on writing every single day so you can improve in time because you will never achieve the excellence that you want if you don’t practice. In fact, there are already several apps and online sites that could help you check your grammar, spelling, and improve your vocabulary.

And yes, instead of focusing on things you think you’re not good enough, why don’t you look for ways to improve that. Turn your doubts to possibilities.

Trust me, if you start believing in yourself and in your skills, it will come out at your work. And if you do that, your client will also believe and trust you. Believe that you can and take action to make progress. 

#2 Feeling Afraid of Rejections

If you’re new to this industry, please know that you will encounter rejections more often than expected. However, be aware that it is normal. It is common in every industry-freelance writing or not. 

If your potential clients are rejecting you, think that they are not your ideal clients. Your skill set may not be suited for the potential client that you are trying to win but be aware that someone else out there is eyeing for you.

I know how it feels to be rejected. I’ve experienced that countless times already and I am still getting rejected until now. Along the way, I got used to it. I have accepted the fact that rejection is part of the freelance writing game. 

Like they always tell us, “keep failing and keep growing.”

And by the way, there is a hidden gem in every unsuccessful pitch. That gem is the lesson or learning that you gain in order to improve yourself, your content or your copy. In fact, if your client rejected you, they’re giving you a favor. 

Oh, Mother Ant, how did you say so? Think about this, you won’t be wasting your time trying to work for someone that isn’t in your target niche and who doesn’t need your help. 

Think of it as trying to fit in a shoe that isn’t your size. You wouldn’t fit in, right? That’s because you need to find your perfect shoe size. It’s the same with freelance writing, you need to find your ideal client so both of you could achieve the results you want. Both wins.

If you get rejected by one client, that brings you closer to your most ideal one. So keep going!

#3 Not Knowing Your Niche and Who you Serve

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? Are you also wondering why you are not gaining positive results for your clients. Do you end up getting bored while writing? 

If your answers to these questions are yes, then you might be making one of the most common mistakes new freelance writers make – not knowing who you are and who your readers are. 

As a freelance writer, you should know who you are. What is your niche? What will you write about? And how can you help your readers? 

When you know yourself as a writer and your personality, purpose and passion, it’s easier for you to write attention grabbing articles. 

Next, you must identify who your ideal readers are. Who will be reading your articles? What are their pain points? Are you able to solve their problems with your content?

Think about this – one of the reasons why you are getting bored when writing is because you don’t like what you’re writing about. Maybe, your topic isn’t something that you’re interested in or know anything about. It may be something that doesn’t match with your beliefs, personality and purpose. 

When you write about a certain topic that you can relate to, you’d never run out of ideas.

If you feel like your style of writing is boring, then find a group of readers that you want to serve. It will not only help you to identify what industry you excel in, it will also be a great way to boost your confidence as a writer.

Here are other important things to consider if you want your articles to serve its purpose.

Think of what you want your readers to feel when they read your content. Do you want them to feel entertained, inspired or educated? 

For instance, you want to write inspiring articles and contents, try to read inspiring articles within your niche, observe what they did best, and practice writing your own. 

It is critical that you master your own niche and  you know who you are writing for. These two factors go hand in hand. It will certainly help you produce great articles with interesting content.

Lastly, the key to winning a high paying client is mastering their niche (which should also be the niche you focus on). Once your niche matches your client’s interest and purpose, your partnership will surely be a great one.

CONCLUSION: Committing Mistakes are Okay but, What if You Can Avoid it?

These are just some of the mistakes new freelance writers make, here are simple suggestions to avoid it.

  • Don’t be stuck in your self limiting belief. 

One of my mentees in the Secret Society is already 40+ years old but she is a persistent action taker. She said her last article was written about 2 decades ago but she kept trying her best to adjust to the norm of the freelance writing industry. She is now enjoying it and loving her craft even more.

  • Practice writing everyday until it becomes your habit. 

This is proven to help you improve in your craft – grammar, spelling, vocabulary. Moreover, since it will show you great progress, it will no doubt lead you to succeed in your freelance writing business.

If you need guidance in building your freelance writing online portfolio, I would be glad to help. You can email me at charlynjune@gmail.com.