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Online Selling in the Philippines: Important Things You May Not Know

Roughly 80% of the population has a Facebook account in the country. Some even have multiple accounts. Thus, it’s no wonder everyone is into online selling in the Philippines.

Online selling is a hit especially for those who want to start a business without big capital.

What is online selling?

According to Definitions (, “online selling is the act or process of selling goods, products or services via an internet or mobile app, auction site, online classified advertisement, online shop, social networking, social media or webshop.”

Online Selling in the Philippines – Why try?

Online selling is the best way to start your business with zero to low capital. You get to sell your products without a physical store, that means lesser expenses. No monthly rent, monthly utility bills, and other expenses in opening a physical store. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy your products yet unless a buyer has confirmed to buy that specific product you are selling. That is what they call preorder.

Preorder products are called as such because you get to sell them without actually having to buy them first and stock them at your house. Online suppliers have their own online accounts wherein a re-seller can copy products and post it in their own online accounts. By doing this, online sellers can post as many products as they want with no capital.

Ways to earn online by selling products

Pre-order products shipped by a supplier to a seller.

This way of selling is applicable for sellers who get their products from suppliers that are miles away from them. Thus, suppliers will ship the products to the sellers. As mentioned above, online suppliers have their own online account from which sellers can copy the photos of the products they wish to sell.

  • Step 1. A buyer will contact the seller if he/she has chosen to buy an item from the posted products. The seller will then contact the supplier to confirm if the item is ready to be shipped and if the supplier confirms, the seller will collect the buyer’s payment to pay the supplier.
  • Step 2. After payment, the supplier will then ship the item to the seller and the seller will inform the buyer that his/her item is now on its way.


Customer buys products from the sellers account.

If the buyer is from the same area as the seller, they can schedule a meetup. However, some sellers have their dropping areas where the buyer can pick up their items. Dropping areas are boutiques, stores, or shops that offer online sellers the convenience to drop their items with a fee. Buyers would go to the dropping areas to claim their items and pay there as well.

If the buyer is not from the same area, the seller will ship the items to the buyer.

Dropshipping in the Philippines

Sometimes, online suppliers offer drop shipping. Dropshipping, according to Wikipediais a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.


Drop shipping is a good way to earn money without the stress of shipping the item to the buyer.

Simply put, drop shipping means the seller will not:

  • stock the items on hand
  • ship the items to the buyer
  • worry about packaging the product

In the dropshipping business, the suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers will directly ship the products to your buyers. Drop shipping is now becoming the trend because sellers get to post whatever products they can copy from the suppliers account with no capital. Sellers do not have to worry about inventory and capital. This makes online selling in the Philippines more fun, right?

Pre-order products from suppliers that are from the same area as the seller

Suppliers from the same area as the seller offer a way for online sellers to earn. It’s the same concept as drop shipping but instead of shipping the item, the buyer can go directly to the supplier’s store to buy the product but at the seller’s price.

  • Step 1. Seller posts the products and a buyer will choose an item to buy.
  • Step 2. The seller will contact the supplier to reserve the item and informs about the selling price. When the item is ready to be picked up, the seller notifies the buyer.
  • Step 3. The buyer will pick up the item at the supplier’s store by mentioning the seller’s name. The supplier will then give the item to the buyer at the seller’s price and will secure the seller’s profit.
  • Step 4. The seller goes to the supplier’s store to redeem his earnings or choose to save and accumulate her profits. This is another way for online sellers to earn without capital.

These are some ways to earn from online selling without capital. There are a lot of ways to earn online these days. Here in Baguio City, Philippines, almost all of my friends who has Facebook accounts are into online selling. Some even have 2 or 3 accounts for business purposes.

Earning online has become accessible to everyone because of social media.

May it be pre loved or brand new items, these are all for online selling in the Philippines. Pre-loved items are items used by the seller once or twice and no longer needs it. Even food are being sold online. For those who love to bake and cook, this is another opportunity to market your talents and goods.

Imported chocolates and goods are also a hit. Some even sell personal items from boxes sent to them by their loved ones. Because why not right? If you can earn without any capital, no one is stopping you. So go ahead, clean your closets and sell those jeans that no longer fit you. Sell those shirts, you no longer need and those jackets so you can buy new sets that fit you.

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