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WordPress for Non-Techie | 3 Proven Recipes to Become a Techie Blogger

Last November 10, I hosted a WordPress for the Non-Techie Free Class where I discussed:

👍 8 Easy Steps to Create your First Blog or Website even if you are Non-Techie
👍 How to Quickly Design a WordPress Page Using a FREE Plugin
👍 How to Publish Search Engine Optimized Contents so that your contents will be indexed by Google and other search engines.

build an e-mail list
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Because you all deserve to start rocking your online business, I also gave away these Bonus lessons:

💜 How to Build your e-Mail List (for FREE) in order to drive traffic to your blog and maintain communication with your audience
💜 How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to Drive Traffic to your Blog

It was a one-hour and a half class so I also gave a FREEbie to students who stayed until the end. This is a downloadable PDF file on How to Create your Own e-Books and Courses to use as a lead magnet or to sell on your blogs. Learn how to get your copy in the later part of this blog post.

Who is this Class for?

Wordpress class
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This class is for you if you are an aspiring blogger who is afraid because you think you are not techie,

Or, a startup entrepreneur who has no budget to hire a web developer for your business

Or, a freelancer who wants to level up your freelancing career by upgrading your skills.

I had been there. I am an Online Freelancer, a Mom, and a Blogging Coach who also struggled in the beginning. Today, after years of learning and working with online entrepreneurs, I finally discovered how to overcome those struggles.

That is what I taught in the free class. My friend, you don’t need to spend years and go through a lot of trial and error to start leveling up your current business in terms of blogging and online marketing.

What can you Become After Class?

As a freelancer, you also deserve to get noticed by clients and start charging from 70k per project (based on how I charge local clients).

You deserve to learn a system that can allow you to create your own business blog even if you are not techie and save a large portion of your startup capital because you don’t need to hire a web developer.

The 3 Proven Recipes to Become a Techie Blogger

Here’s a recap of what we have discussed in class. You can go directly to this link to watch the video replay.

steps to create a wordpress blog
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8 Easy Steps to Create Your First Blog/Website (you can also read this post)

I gave pointers and to-do tips for the following:

  1. Find your Niche
  2. Choose your Blogging Platform
  3. Choose a Host
  4. Install your Website
  5. Create a blog plan (In this section, I discussed the 7 Important Components of a Strategic Blog Business Plan which I am teaching in the Blogging 101.1 online course)
  6. Create Social Media Pages
  7. Write your contents
  8. Promote, Write, Promote

How to Quickly Design WordPress Pages

In this lesson, I demonstrated how you can install an awesome plugin to help you design beautiful pages. I showed how to add columns, insert images, buttons, etc.

seo for blogs
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How to Publish Search Engine Optimized Contents

In this video demonstration, I went through the important ways to format your blog posts. I dig deeper into how you can use another awesome plugin to help you optimize your content so that it will be crawled and indexed by search engines using your keywords.

Bonus: Online Marketing Lessons

How to Build an e-Mail List for Free

This lesson was all about how you can utilize to:

  1. Create an Account in a free mailing service provider
  2. Create a List
  3. Decide what freebies to give away as a lead magnet (Ebooks, audio, free class, checklists, etc.)
  4. Create a Signup Form
  5. and embed in your blog
  6. Setup your e-Mail Sequence or Newsletter Workflow

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

In this lesson, you will learn the most important things you should do inside your Facebook and Instagram profiles in order to gain traffic to your blog even if you are away.

3 Ways to Maximize the WordPress Platform for your Current Business

As much as I would like to discuss everything I know about Blogging with WordPress, Social Media Marketing, SEO, e-mail Marketing and others, a 1-hour class is not enough.

maximize WordPress usage
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So, as your blogger friend, there are 3 ways I have shared in terms of WordPress Blogging and Website Development:

  1. First, if you have TIME, you can take all the lessons I have shared in the class and do the other processes on your own. That is if you have more time to do so.
  2. Second, if you have MONEY, you can OUTSOURCE or pay someone to do it for you. However, you have to limit your expectations. You have no full control over what your website looks and feel like. You may also lose your personal branding.

    So, here’s a tip! when looking for a web developer, make sure that you have the same goals for the project.

  3. Third, let me help you learn all the tasks that need to be done in your blogging business. Of course, you can delegate it later if you feel like you have already a lot on your plate.

I created these two awesome products in order to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers, and freelancers like you. I know I got lots of FREE resources to help you out on my Facebook page and in this blog, but you know what I have noticed?

When everything you get is free, you will not be 100% dedicated to doing your work. I have already proven this is true SOO MANY TIMES. If you are not aware yet, I have already given away two free e-books. It has generated hundreds of downloads but guess what? Only 10% of the readers take action.

work for success
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My friend, a blogging business needs attention in order for it to prosper. So, if you are one determined person who is willing to take his freelancing career or blogging business seriously, check out these two SUPER VALUABLE PRODUCTS where I shared a secret recipe you deserve to know and apply to your advantage!


Blogging 101.1 Online Course 

Value: Php18,995

Now: Php4,995

Blogging 101.1 e-book


Value: Php700

Now: 475

6 Chapters PLUS! 10+ Actionable ActivitiesYesYes
20+ Video LessonsYes


(few links to some of the video tutorials)


  • Blogging 101.1 Checklist
  • Blogging Planner/Journal
  • Monthly Blogging Schedule
  • Strategic Blog Plan editable template
Facebook Group

Passionate Bloggers and Writers – Yes

Master Bloggers and Bosses – Yes

Passionate Bloggers and Writers – Yes

Master Bloggers and Bosses – No

One-on-One CoachingYesNo
Lifetime Discount to all upcoming products



blogging course

Hey, Christmas is coming. Don’t you think this is one cool gift for yourself and your business?

By the way, I decided to end the enrollment to the course on November 24 because I have massive changes to do. I have great things to add, and some updates to execute. I also want to closely work with you to make sure you get positive results.

However, the price is going up the next time enrollment opens.

The good news is.. when you enroll before November 24, you will still get all the updates and all the additional awesome information for only Php4,995.

I understand if your budget is not enough, you can always get the e-book version for only Php475. With still the same learning, I really designed this e-book for those who really want to start their blogging business on a budget. Like I said, I was once in your shoes.

And, because you read through the bottom of this post, you will get a copy of the e-book “How to Create e-Books and Courses and Start Selling in Your Blog” as a bonus if you purchase the Blogging 101.1 e-book before November 23.

blogging ebook

If you think you have a unique situation, please just feel free to send me an e-mail at

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