Baby Cough Home Remedies – All Natural Remedies for Baby’s Mild Cough

Summer has officially ended here in the Philippines and the rainy season has started. Due to this change in weather, colds and cough are affecting our family members especially our little ones since they have weaker resistance to germs, bacteria, and viruses. And, according to research, there are more or less 200 viruses that our baby should be immune with. As a mom, I suggest that we should learn baby cough home remedies to prevent it from getting worse thus, minimizing our visits to the doctor.

All-Natural Proven and Effective Baby Cough Home Remedies

If you see minor symptoms that your baby has a cough, you can use the following baby cough home remedies to ease her. But, please be cautious if your baby has an allergy to the items provided to prevent any reaction. Furthermore, if little one is irritable and has more serious symptoms, you must seek your pediatricians advise.

Massage your baby.


In massage, also known as Touch Therapy (TT), babies get comforted and it promotes healing. It also reduces pain and anxiety that a cough could bring. Use an essential oil that is mild for your babies skin like Aceite Alcanforado or Aceite de Manzanilla. Rub it on his back, forehead, neck all the way to his chest and stomach, and to his feet to relieve discomfort. It has mild menthol properties that give instant relief to congestion in their throat and lungs when they smell it.

Breastfeed your baby.

Breastmilk contains antibodies that our baby needs to fight cough viruses.  As a breastfeeding mom, I drink citrus fruits so my baby can benefit from it too. Citrus fruits have Vitamin C known to fight various diseases. In fact, breastmilk has all the needed vitamins and minerals your sick baby would require making it the best from all baby cough home remedies. Furthermore, babies below 6 months depend only on drinking milk.

Increase fluid intake.

Prepare juices for babies 6 months and above. Carrot juice or calamansi juice will be a big aid to hydrate your baby and to help him combat the cough viruses. You can add honey because it is known to have antibacterial properties which can help remedy cough.

In addition, prepare a nutritious soup to help clear the mucus on baby’s air passage. More water is also advisable to soothe the discomfort and drinking lots of water really helps prevent various sickness.

Use saline solutions.

Saline solutions are best remedies for a cough accompanied by colds. It is used to loosen the mucus. Put two to three drops of saline solutions on one hole of the nostrils and then use a nasal aspirator to extract the mucus. Do the same on the other nostril.


Soothe baby to get enough rest.

Like adults, little one also needs enough rest so her body can recover from the cough virus or any illness. Babies need at least 18 hours of sleep. I always have a notebook ready to write down and compute how many hours my baby has slept.

Sanitize your baby’s hands.

Most babies would put their hands on their mouth often so it is important to keep them clean so as not to make the cough worse. There are baby safe hand sanitizers in the market. You can also use water and soap when you are at home.

Use cool mist humidifier.

There are affordable humidifiers today. Invest in one and pick the best essential oils for use in different purposes. Turn on the humidifier in your baby’s room. Add drops of lavender essential oil to help loosen the clogged mucus and phlegm. Your baby will surely have a good sleep.

Steam bath.

Steam bath to sick babies has been one of the baby cough home remedies being practiced for ages and is proven effective. It helps to disengage the irritable cough phlegm especially if it comes with a cold. Put the boiling water in the tub or pail in your bathroom to create a steam. Stay with the baby inside the room for at least 15 minutes or until the steam is gone. Make sure to take necessary precautions to prevent little one from getting burnt.

Decongest with Onion.burhan-rexhepi-408190-unsplash

Onions may have a pungent smell but it will do wonders for your baby’s cough. Place the sliced onion in a plate and put it near the baby’s crib. The onion has anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the discomfort caused by a cough.

Elevate baby’s mattress.

Elevating the mattress will make the baby comfortable and will facilitate in breathing. Baby gets irritable causing her to cry in the night due to difficulty in breathing. You can soothe her by elevating her mattress. My baby feels comfortable being laid upside down on my chest so I would use two pillows to make sure her head is higher than her chest.

Basically, cough is not a serious illness and the baby cough home remedies stated above are not to cure serious situations. If other symptoms persist like the ones stated below, it is best to pay a visit to your doctor.

  1. For a severe cough or a cough accompanied by fever.
  2. A persistent cough that took two to three weeks could be a cause for concern.
  3. If anyone in the family has a medical history of asthma you can also consult your pediatrician so he can give proper medication.
  4. Difficulty in breathing and has a whooping sound.

I do not encourage self – prescription for your baby so do not give over-the-counter drugs unless advised by your physician. Try these natural baby cough home remedies to soothe your baby’s sickness in no time.

Charlyn June

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