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Back-to-School Budgeting Tips for Moms | Getting Ready for School

Planning for Back-to-School

A few days from now, summer will be over. Kids will be back-to-school and moms will be doing extra planning and budgeting. It is expected that there will be more expenses considering the coming school year. I hope you have saved enough for this added costs. I believe it will be harder for you to do budgeting without decent preparations unless you are one of the affluent class. I got you covered if you need some unsolicited back-to-school budgeting tips.


Back-to-School Budgeting Tips for Moms

Prepare a back-to-school list.

If you have a list, you will have an idea of how much you are going to spend. It also keeps you from buying unnecessary things which will cause you to go over your back-to-school budget. It is advisable to ask your school as early so you can prepare your list. Sometimes, if you opt to purchase earlier, you might avail discounts from stores. Also, don’t forget to involve your child in preparing your list so they will also feel excited about the coming school year plus, they will get used to back-to-school budgeting.

Re-use school supplies.

Here’s an effective trick from old back-to-school budgeting tips from moms. Gather some of the used notebooks from the past school year and use the blank pages to make another set. You can just staple or stitch it then wrap it properly. Use colored art papers or boards as a cover. You can also cover it with clear plastic to make it look new.

You can get ideas from this video:

Some pencil case and bags can also be re-used if there is no major rip on it. It is cost-effective and earth-friendly too. Other things you can re-use are school uniforms if your child has not outgrown it. You also have to explain to your kids why you need to do this. Some kids would wish to have brand new things because they believe they are trendy and cool. Moreover, this will be a good time to teach your kids about financial literacy.

Sell old books.


If you will not be using old books from the preceding school year you can sell those books to earn some addition to your budget. It’s also helpful for housekeeping because you will have a clutter free house afterward.

Purchase in bulk.

Buying in bulk in Divisoria or similar thrift stores will be a great stash on your budget. Stores willingly give significant discounts on school supplies if you procure in bulk.

Shop for second-hand textbooks.

Textbooks are really pricey especially college books but you can get it at half the price if you buy second-hand or slightly used books. Use the internet to search for budget-friendly textbooks.

Additional and Most Effective Back-to-School Budgeting Tips

Furthermore, prepare lunch for your child during school days. Do this so you can save more. Aside from that, you will be at peace knowing that you prepared a healthy meal for your kid. It will also make your child feel more important because you gave time to prepare food for her.

Do not be in debt every time a new school year comes. Always plan ahead of time because as the saying goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Make it also a habit to save a portion for education while you can.

To round up all our back-to-school budgeting tips, I’d like to say, “Do not buy something you do not need”

Charlyn June

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